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eSun PLA-HS High Speed PLA 3D Print Filament 1kg 1.75mm

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Color: White

Combining remarkable strength with high-speed printing capabilities, eSun PLA-HS filament promises not just to fulfill but to exceed all your 3D printing expectations. 

Fast Print Speed

By balancing the melt flow index and melt temperature, the ePLA-HS (high speed PLA) can flow smoothly in molten state and cool fast during printing. In this way, it can achieve smooth printing without clogging and fast cooling without deformation during high speed printing.

The maximum print speed for eSun PLA-HS filament is 350mm/s.

Exceptional Printability

Esun's PLA-HS filament offers outstanding printability. Its excellent adhesion to the printing bed, minimal warping, and low shrinkage make it a dream to work with, for beginners and experienced users alike. Its compatibility with a wide range of FDM printers is a testament to its versatility and user-friendliness.
Note: This product is named as PLA-HF before June 2023. PLA-HF and PLA-HS are the same material.