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3DMakerPro Magic Swift Plus Colour 3D Scanner Premium Pack

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Discover a new era of 3D scanning with the Magic Swift Plus Scanner, your passport to effortless and rapid digitization of real-world objects. Designed for professionals, artists, engineers, and makers alike, this cutting-edge scanner reimagines the way you bring physical objects into the digital realm.

Key Features

  • Reverse Engineering Now Possible

It can swiftly scan industrial spare parts with complicated forms and surfaces and generate models with a scanning of 0.25mm High Resolution.

  • Scan in Bright Sunlight

High Environmental Adaptability. Designed by multi-spectral optical technology, Magic Swift Plus maintains excellent performance even in bright sunlight, vastly improving environmental adaptability.

  • 3D Animation VR/AR Application

Professionals in the animation, virtual reality, and augmented reality industries may utilize Magic Swift Plus to swiftly scan objects, animals, robots, and humans.

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