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3DMakerPro Mole 3D Scanner Premium Pack

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Introducing the Mole 3D Scanner – your gateway to the world of uncompromising precision and unparalleled scanning capabilities. Whether you're an industrial designer, artist, engineer, or researcher, the Mole 3D Scanner empowers you to capture the finest details of your objects with accuracy and efficiency like never before.

Key Features

1. Sub-Millimeter Precision

Elevate your scanning projects with sub-millimetre accuracy. The Mole 3D Scanner's advanced laser technology ensures that even the tiniest intricacies of your objects are captured with 0.05mm accuracy and 0.1mm resolution.

2. Swift Scanning

With a single capture range of 200*100mm and a scanning speed of up to 10FPS, Mole can complete your scanning projects in a fraction of the time, without compromising on quality.

3. Black objects? No problem

Near Infrared (NIR) has excellent optical compatibility, so even black objects are clearly visible. Mole now includes NIR in its configuration list, enabling it to produce excellent scanning results for objects of different colours. NIR is also a harmless light source for facial scanning.

4. Comfortable to use

Mole's compact and ergonomic design makes scanning effortless, whether in handheld or turntable mode. Its internal cooling fan operates quietly yet significantly reduces the temperature, ensuring that Mole can operate for extended periods of time.

What's Included

Mole Scanner x 1, Power Cord x 1, Data Cable x 1, Tripod x 1, Turntable Kit x 1

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