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Additional Chamber Kit (double-wall) for PrintDry Filament Dryer PRO/PRO3

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With our additional chamber kit, the dryer can be used for 4x1Kg spools, which means one dryer can serve more printers.

To dry and feed two more additional spools with max 200mm or 8″ spool outside diameter.

Package includes:

  1. Plastic tray x2
  2. Metal shafts x2
  3. Support bridge x1
  4. Big spool adapters x4
  5. Small spool adapters x4

Q: Can I use more than one additional chamber kit with my dryer?

A: Yes. Due to the stackable chamber design, you can use multiple additional chamber kits per dryer; however, the temperature and stability decrease as you add more chambers. We don’t recommend using more than two additional chamber kits per dryer.