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eSun ePA-12 Nylon 3D Print Filament 1kg 1.75mm

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in stock, ready to be shipped

The ePA-12 3D print filament is the latest development of nylon filament by eSun. This is a perfect material for 3D printing projects that require excellent mechanical properties.

Key Features

  • High toughness and high impact resistance
  • Up to 165% elongation at break and excellent fatigue resistance
  • Self-lubricating and wear-resistant
  • High-temperature resistance, heat distortion temperature of 100℃
  • Low shrinkage, strong layer bonding

Print Settings

  • Optimal Printing Temperature:260-290℃
  • Bed Temperature:70-90℃
  • Printing Speed:40~100mm/s
  • Cooling Fan :0%