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eSun ePA-HT Carbon Fiber 3D Print Filament 750g 1.75mm

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The eSun ePAHT-6 Carbon Fiber 3D filament is a high-performance nylon filament based on Lehvoss LUVOCOM 3F series 9742 BK material.  With 15% high-rigidity carbon fibre added to the nylon 6 base material, this  3D printing material has higher modulus, mechanical strength and rigidity, the continuous use temperature can be up to 150 ℃. The strength and toughness have also been further improved, the warping problem has been greatly improved even for larger size prints. The shrinkage and water absorption are also greatly reduced, printing accuracy is high, and the product is more wear-resistant.

Key Benefits of ePAHT-6 Carbon Fibre Filament

  • Higher stiffness and toughness
  • Higher working temperature
  • Better printing accuracy and surface finish
  • Less shrinkage and moisture absorption

Printing Settings

  • Optimal Printing Temperature:260-300℃
  • Bed Temperature:60-80℃
  • Printing Speed:40~100mm/s
  • Cooling Fan :0%

ePAHT-6 Carbon Fibre vs ePA Carbon Fibre

Esun ePAHT-6 Carbon Fibre