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eSun Flexible 3D Printing Resin 500g

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The eSun flexible 3D printing resin offers high flexibility and elasticity, as well as good toughness and wear-resistance. Esun flexible resin is a perfect new material for resin prints that require some flexibility, like cushions, handles, and grips.

Product Features

  • Shore A hardness of 85-90
  • High flexibility, no break after multiple folds
  • Good toughness and wear-resistance
  • Low odor

Printing Recommendations

The recommended print temperature is 25-35℃. Heating before use is needed under low temperatures.

Make sure the rising height is more than 8mm after exposure of each layer. The rising speed is within 60 mm/min. The waiting time between two exposure is more than 10s.

Put the printed model in water for post-curing, then under direct sunlight for 30 min, or under LED light for 15mins.

Mechanical Properties

Mechanical properties of post-cured material

Shore A Hardness 85-90
Tensile strength MPa 6-8
Elongation at break/% 100-150
Tearing Strength/kN·m-1 390-420
Proportion(H2O,25℃) 1.116